Communication, Trust, Love...

In life we all go through adversity sometimes, the severity of it may be different between us, but we all go through it. As a result of that, our hearts may feel weak, defeated and often times, depleted. Sometimes it takes a higher power to help us get through those tough times. Communicating with a higher power and Trusting that the path he has you on will lead you to a better version of yourself, thus forming Love from the journey.

If you look closely you’ll notice that these hearts are not perfect, these distorted hearts are suppose to be a representation of us and what we’ve endured in life and how we overcame difficult times with the strength of the higher power (thunderbolts). No matter what we go through in life those with pure hearts will always prevail.

Communication, Trust and Love. These three simple words are what the hearts represent. Key essentials to happiness. (In my opinion)

Quality is what we strive for in clothing and a pure heart is what we should have everyday. So let’s put the both together and remind ourselves what beauty is suppose to look like.

Let’s fall in love with love.